The annual cheese festival is back, so Puneites, get ready for a party in your mouth.

Since the early 80’s, ABC Farms has produced it’s own special dairy, including milk and a large variety of cheese. This festival gives the people of Pune a chance to taste some of this produce. Make your way to ABC Farms from November 20-22 to not just sample cheese, but also drink some amazing wine and listen to some great music as you make your belly happy! There’s a blind cheese tasting, treasure hunt, and a cheese-making tour for the curious.


ABC Farms Cheese Board will feature a range of Cheese from the old classics like Boursin with Pepper or Paprika to the popular Monterey Jack with other favourites, including Feta, Buffalo Mozzarella, Smoked Cheddar and a variety of flavoured Edam and Gouda. Some of the new samples will include Dragon Fruit Cheese, Indian Curry and Masala Cheese with a variety of fruity cheese options like Mango Cheese, Pineapple Cheese and Mulberry Cheese! Wine companies Reveilo, Vallonne, Rio, Oakwood as well as an International Beer stall to indulge visitors, adding an extra zing to the Cheese flavors for the weekend.