From October 2 to 18, historical monuments of Berlin will come alive as canvases for fantastic video and light projections, thus turning the city into a two-week long sound and light show.

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Every October, Berlin is a city that quite literally lights up. The famous and historical sights of this beautiful city come alive as canvases for fantastic video and light projections. Berlin Illuminated and the Festival of Lights goes on for 10 days where monuments like the Berlin Cathedral, and Brandenburg Gate become illuminating works of art every night. The festival has drawn in millions of spectators and has commemorated Berlin’s historical monuments in the most colourful way possible.


Apart from being visually pleasing, the festival is a great platform for upcoming lighting artistes who are granted the opportunity to project their work on around 70 Europe’s most historically significant monuments.

Light projections aside, this celebration also comes with some interesting art and music events as well. “Lightseeing” is an activity many indulge in, where visitors can take a bus, boat or walk around the city spotting the highlights. Video and photography workshops, charity events and live music also play their part in the running of these festivals

Festival_of_Lights_ berlin_Fernsehturm_Farbenspiel

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