Divorce drives many changes and challenges in your life. Most of them help you move on and start a new life easier. Getting name change is one that lets you say farewell to your past and feel more confident about the upcoming improvements.

You can reverse your maiden name or select a new one anytime you wish. The best and top logical timing is within the divorce process. Discover the legal details of the name change and make the best comfortable decision about the issue easily.

Changing Name During Divorce

Considering the point that a separate name change process requires time and money to be invested, the best option is to pick out a new or take an old name when you are dealing with the marriage termination. Your end-of-marriage agreement usually includes the point about a name change for you to negotiate with your partner and get the family law office to grant the service for you.

Changing name during and after divorce is delivered in the following manner:

  1. Review your Pennsylvania divorce papers whether they have the point about the name change. The doc will be treated as legal proof. If the relevant provision is absent, reach the family law office to add one.
  2. Provide proof of ID and age.
  3. Update all necessary agencies and docs with your new name.

The same can be done during marriage when your marriage certificate is to be used instead of the divorce agreement for the name change to be empowered and similar steps are taken to succeed. If you face any complications throughout the name change, you’d better reach the official website for online help or hire a lawyer to assist you.

Changing Name without Divorce or Marriage

Many people cannot afford or don’t want a divorce for serious reasons. They either choose separation or an unofficial breakup with their partner so that they can improve their lives even without official marriage termination. But a name change may be crucial for such couples as a turning point in their personal life.

So, if you wonder ‘Can I change my name before divorce?’, the following procedure may help you in Changing the Name without the official beginning or end of marital life involved:

  1. Appeal for a name change court order.
  2. Submit your fingerprints.
  3. File a relevant Petition and Verification.
  4. Get a Notice published in two newspapers.
  5. Visit a hearing.
  6. Enroll your new name in the relevant docs and agencies.

Yet, take into account that you will have to cover the payment for the name change services which are between $200 and $500. You can handle the process by yourself or hire a legal professional for the best possible outcomes but this is not obligatory.

Why Changing Name after Divorce

If you hesitate about name change after divorce, look closer at the common advances and possible pitfalls to make a beneficial choice easily. The name change is a key moment for many divorcees. When getting married you take your partner’s name or vice versa to signify that you are united. Meanwhile, Changing Your Last Name will proclaim that you are no longer together one more time. Plus, owning your maiden name, may symbolize that you belong to yourself only, you break all connections with your ex, and are ready to move on to an independent life. The name change also gives other people the understanding that you are not married anymore without you having to make any announcements.

Yet, your name change choice may bring up several related challenges too. First of all, you ought to cover the name change through the government agencies and adjust all the docs appropriately. If you skip any, it may lead to ambiguity and legal complications later. Plus, don’t forget that you will probably waste several hundred if you get a different name apart from marriage or divorce processes. Another thing for you to make up your mind about when you wish to get your name changed is whether your kids will have your maiden name or stick to your partner’s. Depending on your choice you may have to deal with another legal procedure here.


The name change is a logical process following the divorce for many couples. It is strongly recommended to perform it within your marriage or divorce. But if you don’t plan any of the mentioned life changes but are still after another name, the separate procedure exists too. Study the options of the name change legal process at your place of residence, review the peculiarities of such a decision, and make the final choice to improve your life but not add a bunch of complications to it.