The video is directed by the the French duo The Cauboys
Stream and download the exclusive music video here
The Cauboyz duo has always been in charge of French 79’s visual art direction. For Simon
Henner, “They are part of French 79’s project. We spent our childhood and teenage years
together. We understand each other at a glance. It’s crazy to be that much on the same
page.” An incredibly rare work-life relationship.
“Life is Like tells of a musician’s journey or itinerary. If the music video embodies three phases
of his life, it helps us give a glimpse at the intimacy of a character through a window. Here,
architecture and time seem to intertwine and create a monolithic sequence. The perception of
time evolves with age. The tender age was yesterday and yet, it is already so far away. What
is left of our childhood? From the time when dreams were as powerful as life. Where building
an ego was as much as when the architect completes a bridge. What is left of our
adolescence? Our first experiences, our fleeting loves… ? These creative moments resonate in
us as adults, with nostalgia driving our creation instincts. This music is so heady that the
synths’s reverb seems to echo in these private places. The story of a piece, from its first dream
to the release of the album. The position of the musician, at the center of our lives through