The Pokemon live event which took place just recently had all the pokemon fans around the globe pumped up about the new releases. Especially the brand new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer. So let’s dissect the trailer and brand new leaks which came out just before the event!

Everything we know about Pokemon Legends: Arceus and new pokemon

Open wolrd

The Pokemon legends Arceus will be an open-world game, it is the first time that Gamefreak will try to do something so ambitious. The graphics look like they were inspired by another fellow Nintendo title, Breath of the wild.

Even the character movements seem to be inspired by Breath of the wild!

Pokemon will fight each other!

The subheading might seem ridiculous at first, but pokemon never actually battled each other. They always stayed in their respective circles and a small animation played whenever it attacked.

It’s actually sad that game freak took 30 years to implement these features. But being added later doesn’t take away from how awesome it will be.

No ugly background

You know what I’m talking about, whenever we start a battle we instantly get teleported to a different dimension. Regardless of where you were before the battle began, our fight takes place in a limbo dimension.

But that’s no more the case, the Pokémon will start fighting on location!

Possible new Pokemon

pokemon legends arceus

When the Pokemon live event concluded many got their hands on some leaks. These leaks show possible new pokemon with a health bar just like a boss battle.

This may be hinting towards new ancient Pokemon forms just like regional variants and Primal forms for Dialga and Palkia.

The game will be released early next year, which is around January-February.

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