The track is called ‘Lillo ID3’ and will wrench your heart!

Eric channelled the emotions of a fan’s passing and created a beautifully uplifting track which he debuted at Sound Nightclub.

The story started out when a fan explained on Eric Prydz‘s super popular Reddit forum that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and his last wish was to attend one last show by Prydz. Later, Prydz  announced that he would be hosting a special benefit show in honor of a his die-hard fan, James Lillo. Unfortunately, James couldn’t make it to see his dying wish getting fulfilled.

This clearly upset Eric and he decided to play the event in his memory and donate the proceeds to the Cancer Research Institute. A donation page for the event was put up. Eric ended up doing two shows at Sound Nightclub in honour of James.

The shows in his honour were not just a loving tribute but a wonderful occasion for Eric’s Fandom to get together and support each other in their hard times and remember James. Check out the video below and donate to the cause here.


James may not have made it, but his memory has been immortalized by Eric and the other fans. The whole community gravitated to the show to give their condolences.

We wish wherever he is, he rests in peace. Our hearts go out to the community, Eric and James.