Following 2 drug-induced casualties in last year’s edition the Festival takes steps to make the event incident – free.  


In an extremely positive move made by organizers Made Event, The Electric Zoo Festival goers will now receive scrutinized treatment this year as they plan to beef up the security with drug-sniffing dogs, thorough pat-downs and undercover security officers with back grounds in narcotics investigations.

The two deaths in last year’s edition at Randall’s Island, New York led to the eventual cancellation of the Festival’s 3rd day. The promoters are trying their best to avoid a repeat this year, as the festival still struggles to receive the necessary permits required to hold the 3 – day dance music gathering.

The event timings might also undergo changes as they aim to reduce the festival goers exposure to the Sun, hereby also making it easier for security to keep a check on illegal activities that may occur at the festival.

In a more impactful move – viewers will be required to watch an Anti-Drug public-service announcement online, delivered by the artists themselves, to activate the wristbands that get them into the venue.

They will also be introducing Amnesty Bins at the venue, where fans could discard illicit substances without penalty before being search – sort of like a final lifeline before you enter the festival arena. This move will surely test the character of the fans, let’s hope this goes well.

amnesty bins

The Sherp really hopes the revised security measures taken by the Electric Zoo promoters can be replicated at other festivals as well.  Overconsumption is an evil which has stained the dance music experience for far too long now – it’s time everyone smartens up. 


The Festival has, however, announced that it will take place this year on their Facebook :



(Article source : The Wall Street Journal) 

(Picture courtesy : Electric Zoo)