This is an event you wish you were present for.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are no strangers when it comes to getting a crowd pumped to a level of absolute mayhem. But they broke all boundaries when it came to their show in Germany.

The Veltins Arena was the venue for the DJ duo’s performance in partnership with Tomorrowland and World Club Dome and it was one that will be remembered for a while. Not only did the show sell 30,000 tickets in under 24 hours, but they uploaded a video of the crowd moving in sync with the performers in what looks like an artificial earthquake!

The final count for the show was 45,000 people and what a sight it is to see small specks for humans moving along with the EDM artists like obedient raving children. Not only does it looks insane but the lights and the flames of fire add another dimension to the whole thing.

Check it out!

If this isn’t visually pleasing to watch, you need to get your priorities in check. They’ve been known to gather large crowds wherever they perform but you have to admit, after seeing this, any other show looks so much smaller than anything else.

The duo are prepping to perform a few shows in Antwerp under their “Bringing The Madness” collaboration over four days in December and we’re sure it’ll bring the same intensity out from the crowd.