Sarcasm extraordinaire Deadmau5 is the latest celebrity to take a dig at the infamous CEO of SFX.

Deadmau5 went all out in a simple but hard hitting tweet to Robert Sillerman offering him a sarcastic $14 million dollar buyout for what’s left of SFX Entertainment. SFX has recently been in the news constantly since its Tomorrowworld debacle resulting in them having to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Classic Deadmau5 :

Robert’s CEO position has come under fire since he was in no way related to the music industry nor did he have interest in it. Deadmau5 posted a screenshot of a Billboard interview with Sillerman where he prides himself for not having a “fucking clue.” Robert represents all that is wrong with the music industry where corporates come and dilute the integrity of the art and the artist. Though Deadmau5 is notoriously known for starting Twitter wars, his comments do not seem misplaced.

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