For all those who feel the genuine lack of ‘bass’ in their lives, you can now carry your own bass source around your wrist. 


Think your headsets/earphones just don’t cut it when it comes to ‘thump’? Fret not, a Kickstarter project quite aptly titled the “Basslet” is here to ensure there’s no lack of bass in your life. Once firmly bound to your wrist, you can literally feel the beats and bassline through your body – upto 250 Hz of it!

Conceptualized by Lofelt, a German start-up, pre-orders for the device are already in place. Not only does this change the game in terms of music listening, it also helps music producers feel the right amount of bass in the music they compose, and is a gift to anyone with a relatively shabby studio.

The precision of the Basslet is immaculate and here are some people who have sampled this first-hand!

Support this project on Kickstarter by hitting THIS link. Boy, are we impressed!