Candice Redding has been a favourite in India and we just can’t have enough of her infectious energy.

She set the Absolut Enchanted Valley Carnival stage on fire with her intense energy and a large number of screaming fans. The DJ sat down with The Sherp for a one-on-one interview after her set:


The Sherp: How was it performing at EVC this year?

Candice Redding: It was incredible. The energy was amazing, the production was really good and it’s my first time at EVC so I can’t complain. It was fantastic.

The Sherp: We just saw you completely blow everyone’s mind with your performance. What’s the secret behind your energy on stage?

Candice Redding: As an artist, when I get on stage, I become Candice Redding. It’s the artist who comes out. I can’t say that there’s a remedy or anything that I do before. I become who I’m supposed to be onstage. I enjoy every minute on it, I love it and breathe it. It’s not temporary, it’s a part of me.


The Sherp: How important is it for you to engage with the audience? Because you were doing that a lot and we could see people just flowing with you.

Candice Redding: I think it’s super important because nowadays there are so many DJs in an industry that is so tight knit and everyone is always bidding for the top headlining spot. But I think it’s important because without your crowd you are nothing, right. You can play to no one and then when you play for everyone, the appreciation you get back is when you realise that you’re really nothing without your fans and to be wrapped in with them is key. Even in some cases, they want to know that the DJ appreciates them as well. I used to go to festivals years before I started out, so I think it’s a give and take.

The Sherp: If you could recall one of your experiences at any of your previous sets, what would it be?

Candice Redding: When I played a show at Tomorrowland Unite in India, that was really a mind-blowing experience. It was some next level stuff. I think the most amazing thing was that there was such a hype around Tomorrowland, everyone was there and for the right reason. That’s a beautiful thing because everyone was there to have a good time.


The Sherp: Name one artist that you would like to do a collaboration with from the EVC roster.

Candice Redding: I think from the EVC roster it would definitely be Flo Rida. Like a nice little live show would be pretty epic because he’s got swag!

The Sherp: So what’s your preferred genre of music? How important is it for you to be versatile on stage?

Candice Redding: I’ve been listening to music since I was a tiny baby, so I’ve gone through a ton of genres and understood music because I come from the West that’s very cultured. So it’s not about just playing music. It’s about what mood suits the genre. If I wake up in the morning and I’m in a bad mood, I’ll play deep house to get me in the mood or I’ll play techno to get a roar or EDM to get me pumping. So it all depends on where you are. I listen to a lot of classical music when I’m trying to define myself in all of the mess. So it’s all about timing, mood and how music makes you feel. That’s very important and every genre is acceptable to all.

The Sherp: If you had one tip for budding DJs, what would that be?

Candice Redding: What I truly feel is that people should be individuals and not try to copy anyone because that’s when you give yourself longevity. If you really want to make it and not just be a room DJ, get something, find your niche and stick with it. No matter how many ups and downs you get, stick with it properly cause you will be recognised after which you get appreciated and only then will you feel fulfilled.