Music is a medium that connects us all. It gets us through the bad times while generating great memories for the good. There are decades of beloved music icons with a crazy fan following, and these come in forms of merchandising like posters, clothing and musical instruments. We’ve all seen pinball machines as we’ve bar hopped, but casinos have also included music-themed slots.

Online slots are a significant competitive business that comes with a huge paid sponsorship jump. Think about it, if you plaster your face on something you’re going to earn revenue, and what better way to do that than a famous band? All of these slot machines also feature licensed music and images.

Here are some of our favourite online slots for music lovers.

Karaoke Party

Starting this off with a game that isn’t tied to just one musical property, Karaoke Party has a free theme full of Microgaming. Karaoke is a favourite past-time of many, where we get up in front of a crowd and sing terribly or, if you’re shy, in the shower. The Karaoke Party bonus happens when you hit five scatters on the reels.

You have the chance to earn 15 free spins which can trigger more spins for triple the payout. All wilds can be doubled, while bonus payouts can be earned along with bonus spins. You can play Karaoke Party on this site.


If you like metal as much as me, you’ll love this slot machine. As soon as you start the game you’ll hear the glorious songs from their debut album Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good! Megadeth has become one of the most popular bands in the thrash metal genre and continues to tour to this day.

The slot game developed by Leander Games is faithful to the visual aspects of the metal genre, with band founder Dave Mustaine playing as the wild symbol. The other band members are there, and they offer the highest payouts, while card icons represent the lowest. Instant coin wins, bonus games and free spins are all offered here.

Elvis The King

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley returns in this slot game, which is pretty fitting considered he had a Vegas show. He took the world by storm in the ’50s with multiple breakout hits, and changed the look and feel of rock and roll forever.

Elvis The King was developed by IGT and featured songs like “Don’t Be Cruel,” “C.C. Rider,” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” Symbols are of Elvis’s most unique poses and offer the best payouts, while his more iconic outfits are lower. Gold record symbols trigger bonuses, which can lead to free spins and other goodies.

Michael Jackson King of Pop

We’ve heard from the King of Rock n Roll; now it’s time for the King of Pop. Michael Jackson is one of the biggest superstars of our era, starting with the Jackson 5 to creating legendary music in his solo career. WMS created this slot game, and the graphics are stunning.

Unsurprisingly, the icons are focused on Michael Jackson and his career. The famous white sparkle gloves, along with his hat, sunglasses and shoes are the higher payouts, while card symbols are the lowest. Jackpots, wilds and bonus symbols feature Michael Jackson himself, and these sticky wilds can earn you up to 10 free spins.

Jimi Hendrix

The short-lived Jimi Hendrix had an impressive career with unforgettable songs. Jimi Hendrix slot machine made by NetEnt features songs like Purple Haze, Foxy lady and many more. The graphics on this machine are unmistakably 70’s, with flashes of purple and whites.

Jimi Hendrix famous red guitar can offer you free spins, while the Purple Haze symbol can turn to wilds to help with huge payouts. Triggering a bonus round can get your free coins or any of the three free spin feature.