Holi is when everyone takes a day off to spend time with the near and dear, share sweets and build memories for themselves and their loved ones to revisit year after year. However, with more people moving out of their homes to pursue their dreams, Holi has failed to remain what it was. 

Here’s the thing, a big part of Indian festivities are the games that come with it, and nothing gets bigger than the competitive card games that we all played with our friends. Missing those, aren’t you? Sit back and relax while we tell you the top online card games India that you can play this Holi.

Here are five online card games that you can enjoy this Holi:

1. Teen Patti

Literally translated to ‘Three Cards’ in English, Teen Patti is also called Flash or Flush. While there is no denying that this game needs luck, it needs skill, strategy and decision making knacks for one to win this game. Easily one of the top card games to ever be played in the country, the game, which has close ties with Poker, has made it to the world on online card games. 

Online Teen Patti, however, has slight variations as compared to the Teen Patti played with actual cards. But with better technology and increasing use of Virtual Reality sets, online casinos have managed to give Teen Pattis the essence it deserves.

2. Rummy

Easily one of the most popular card games in the world, Rummy is played with multiple names but has very little changes in terms of rules and terminologies across the versions. 

While Rummy started out as a Sunday evening game with the family, it isn’t the same anymore. Slowly, but steadily, it has risen to the ranks of games like Blackjack and Poker. The rising popularity, combined with the highly simple game rules, make Rummy one of the most preferred games in India.

In the world of online card games too, Rummy has a cult following. Almost every online casino offers Rummy as one of the major games played on their website. Here too, good technology has helped in making Rummy feel more real than ever.

3. Poker

Online Poker was probably one of the first online card games to ever be introduced. If you are a Teen Patti player, online Poker will not be difficult to learn and vice-versa. 

All you must understand in this game is which hands to bet on and which you shouldn’t be meddling with. A Poker victory requires players to be skilled slightly in some mathematics as well, like calculating the odds, keeping a tab on betting patterns and the opponent’s bluffing.

4. Andar Bahar

There is no need to explain how high a place Andar Bahar claims in the world of family get-together card games. This very simple game allows easy winnings while making sure you can put your legs up and relax, without having to do any sort of math for the same.

Played with two or more players, all you’ve got to do is drop your cards one after the other and the the player whose card has the highest value takes home the pile, and the money!

If you are missing the monetary gifts you’d otherwise receive from relatives during Holi, you could play some easy Andar Bahar and win A LOT yourself!

5. Bluff/Challenge

This easy to play card game requires you to finish off all your cards in order to win the money. You need to put cards face down in sets and say out loud what they are. Other players are supposed to guess if you’ve said the truth or you’re bluffing about it. If they call out your bluff, then you take back your cards, and if they call you out but your cards are what you claimed after all, then they take your cards too.

These are just some games that are extremely interesting to play this Holi season. An additional bonus of playing online card games is that while you do have interactions with fellow players, you do not have to sit and pretend to listen to that talkative aunt or the know-it-all uncle of yours through the game!

This Holi, make it fun and win big!