While edm-loving ravers are the flavour of dance music festival culture today, we got to thinking about the things they might regret 40 years from now. 

To be fair, The Sherp is all for individual choices. But still, here is a list of things ravers may regret when they’re much older. Or they could be septuagenarian ravers like this guy. It’s all cool

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1. Wearing any t-shirt like this

The most distinct raver t-shirts or ganjis sport lines that are borderline misogynistic and often slut shaming in nature. Sure, in the spirit of dance music, nobody’s paying a lot of attention. But some of them might mature to find these past exploits quite embarrassing.

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2. Images on internet that can never be wiped out

If our reaction to the Facebook timeline is anything to go by, most of us are visibly ashamed by our former selves, about a past where some of us tYpeD lyk dIs. Ravers, especially, do love getting down and dirty, and such images might be hard to wipe out.

Of course, there are two kinds of people. One, who will go to any extent to get them off the internet. And another, would frame it for their empty bedroom wall. Anything works.

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3. And that they can never show their grandchildren

The longevity of content on the internet might hit you hard when your grandchild will have joined Facebook, or whatever the equivalent of the social media is in the future generation. It will be quite the event explaining your antics to your mostly amused lambs as they watch, horrified, their grandparents in rave outfits.

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4. Those blinding neon clothes no one will take

We say this once, and will say it again. Those neon clothes are preposterous. It’s not the clothes as much as how sharply reflecting they are. At some point, if you ever wish to donate your old clothes to charity, you will find a cupboard full of blinding webs that no one will volunteer to take off of you. Would you pass them on to your children?

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5. Pasty mark imprints on nipples

We’re going to try to explain this without making you cringe, as much as we are right now. Ravers fancy stickers on all parts of them. It’s rigorously and inexplicably trendy, apparently. But while the pasty marks that find themselves sat on on nipples, do come out; in certain cases, they end up leaving marks that are sure to last a lifetime. Like Harry Potter’s scar, they will serve a constant reminder of the tragedy that had been.

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6. The memory of having listened to horrible music

You might grow up continuing to love the commercially unimaginative dance music that rules the charts today, or you might grow up and hang your head in eternal shame. We don’t say this for all of dance music in general, but some of it is so repressively bad, not to mention, musically dumb that we cannot help but worry.

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7. Sensory impairment

Loud bass, heart gutting drops, sounds that could send you in a tizzy, and lights that are capable of knocking you out, if not blinding you permanently. The whole idea behind a rave dance party is to be as extreme as possible. Your continuous presence at dance music festivals might leave your senses slightly impaired; if not permanently damaged.

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8. Depleting spinal cord

All that molly popped in wild abandon at rave festivals might just hit your spinal cord first. Just saying.

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9. STDs

No, we’re not implying that STDs are passed around at a dance music festival.


But given how wild the atmosphere can be, there might just be a few regretting their life choices several years hence.

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10. This

Unless, she’s really in love with the tree. Which, we highly doubt. But this seems regret worthy.

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(P. S. The article, by no means, attempts to cast aspersions about your life choices. Some of you might regret your raver lifestyle, while some of you might stay ravers till you die. You do you.)