Echoes of Earth is coming and we’ll tell you why you need to be there!

Ecological festivals are increasing by the day and one thing is for sure, it’s one you should experience at least once in your life. With music, art and films, Echoes of Earth has it all. But you need to see it to believe it! Here are the top reasons why you need to check this festival out:

1. You will be surrounded by nature on all four sides.

(Credits: Embassy International Riding School)

The festival is taking place this month and what better place to hold it than the 150 acre land at the Embassy International Riding School in Bangalore. The city will be hosting the festival where you’ll have the privilege of being surrounded by trees and huge open spaces. Much like Utopia, ain’t it?

2. The ideology is an attraction by itself.

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The Echoes of Earth Festival believes in an Earth to Earth philosophy which involves a deep commitment to the planet. The Festival Director, Roshan Netalkar said, “Echoes of Earth is a celebration of music, nature, & design. A festival that celebrates music from around the world with a focus on the environment and sustainable living. Our endeavour is to reduce, reuse, recycle, and upcycle. Throughout the festival, you will witness ecological approaches and practices at play, made possible by adopting the most sustainable means of construction, energy, & waste management. Echoes of Earth welcomes those with similar aspirations and dreams to join this endeavour to create a better tomorrow, all the while appreciating and enjoying our biggest gift to the Earth yet – Music.”

3. The stage designs will blow you away.

(Credits: echoesofearth)

There are three magnificent stages for the festival, each inspired by nature. The Electro-live Stage, also the main stage, is inspired by the swaying greens tucked within Nilgiri Trees. The Electronic Stage brings artists dabbling with various genres of electronic music. These international artists and Indian artists are bound to keep you dancing throughout the festival. But the best of them all is the World Music Stage, inspired from one of the oldest folk theatres of Karnataka, Yakshagana. Just look at the design!

4. The artist line-up is amazeballs!

Over 40 artists will be performing at the festival on these magnificent stages, covering genres like rock, electro, classical and traditional. They include Submotion Orchestra, Youngr, Jordan Rakei, Alo Wala, Susheela Raman, Franca, Sam Maher, Your Chin, Kohra, Sitarsonic, Paloma, Mali and many more! The artists are versatile and you will go back home adding a few more musicians to your favourite list.

5. The documentaries are some of the best you’ll ever see.


The festival will not just limit its environment-conscious approach to music. It will screen documentaries based on topics ranging from music to the environment, including Nömadak TX – a documentary highlighting this unique percussion instrument, Planète glace: Himalayas– a French documentary on the mystery of the mountain and Timbuktu – the National Award winning documentary from Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh.

6. Artefacts? Yes, please!


Vadya Vithikha, a special museum for rare and lost folk and tribe musical instruments from Kolkata, have curated a mini showcase of some of the instruments at the festival and on special request, some of the tribes from the West and North East of India will also be present to give an all-round experience of the artefacts.

7. Bring along your furry friend.


The most exciting and rare feature of the festival is that it’s pet friendly! You can bring along your pet for the festival and let them run loose in the pet-friendly zones where they can mingle with other pets. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you have to clean up after your pet. But that’s something that is understood, right?

8. They will meet their established goals.


The festival has made sure to stick to their plans of being as sustainable as possible with Hasiru Dala, a waste management organisation providing solutions of waste collection and disposal. There will be garbage cans, bio-degradable cutlery and the venue layout has been made keeping in mind the natural vegetation along with components of upcycling and recycling.

9. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Participation is key at this festival. It’s not just about pledging your support to environmental causes but making sure you’ve taken the first step towards it. There will be several workshops taking place at the festival such as ‘Reviving Ancient Wisdom’ using natural alternates to work with Earth’s natural regeneration process, ‘Composting and Urban Farming’ with Solid Waste Management Round Table founder Vani Murthy, ‘Waste Segregation Activity’ with Daily Dump and, for the kids, a special session on the Bugs of the Ecosystem.

10. Camping Underneath The Stars


What better way to spend two nights in a forest than by hitching up a tent and go all out with sleeping bags and mini marshmallows! The sky will be filled with stars and you’ll have the best REM sleep ever. But if you aren’t high on cash, they are offering accommodation at cheaper rates for students. You can get them here depending on the type of tent you want. Tickets for the event are yet available so go book them now before they run out!

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