Happy Holi folks! The Sherp’s here to get you in the groove of this colourful festival with 7 spectacular colour festivals across the globe, inspired by our very own Holi.

1. Life In Color

We’ve mentioned this festival before, and it’s worth mentioning again. ‘Life In Color’ is the biggest color festival out there. A concept that started out as a college festival in Florida, it has progressed into a worldwide color party.


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2. Colorjam Color Music Festival

‘Colorjam’ is a color music festival that took place in Texas last year. With the euphoric combination of music and colour, this festival captures the essence of Holi perfectly. Their line-up featured acts such as Green River Ordinance, Sunny Sweeney, etc.

Festival of Colors India (1)

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3. Festival Of Colors

‘Festival of Colors’ is a hippie’s paradise. It’s a music festival with a dash of colour, featuring bands like The Bhakti Dance, this festival has a peaceful and tranquil demeanor. Promising good vibes, great music and above all, an incredible time, this fest is a must.


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4. Holi One

‘Holi One’ is a color festival held in Cape Town. This event aims to adapt our vivid culture of celebrating Holi with music and colours and cherish the power of one. It takes place on the 1st of May, 2015 so gear up and head to Cape Town.


(Image Courtesy: holione.com)


5. Mumbai Color Festival

‘Mumbai Color Festival’, named after our very own city, is an ethnic festival from the Netherlands. This too has been mentioned once before on the Sherp. Celebrating Holi for what it is, an evening of colours, life, music and happiness, this festival colours the streets in August.


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6. Holi Garden Festival

‘Holi Garden Festival’ held annually in Ibiza, is the brightest music/colour stage there is. Propagating their agenda of joy and amiability, this festival is as happy as it gets. You can check out their 2014 trailer HERE.


(Image Courtesy: Holi Garden Festival Ibiza Facebook)


7. Holi Festival Of Colors

‘Holi Festival of Colors’ is an international color fest spread across 40 cities and 16 countries. Click here to see Sherp’s take on their 2014 Johannesburg edition. This festival hits Johannesburg this year on the 11th of April so stay tuned for more deets.


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