Since the last week, we had been getting a lot of spoilers and teasers from Tyler the creator of his new project ‘Call me if you get lost and it looks like Tyler is wasting no time in making his art public. Just recently he dropped his latest project which has a total of 16 songs and the run time is approximately 55 minutes!

Tyler had been sublimanily teasing this albun ever since IGOR dropped. His new venture seems to be more on the safe side as IGPR was a totally experimental project which hit the industry like a wreaking ball, shattering evryone’s expectations from Tylers music.

Unlike his earlier work, IGOR was much more melodious, in fact, he didn’t even rap on most of the songs, and ironically he won the Best Rap Album at the Grammy’s!

This time around it looks like we have a mixture of the melodious music of IGOR and Tyler’s bold rapping from his earlier projects. He dropped a couple of short skits and music videos to hype us up for the project.

He is a master in marketing, he put up billboards across the globe without letting anyone know, this made a lot of people curious who are now engaged in his work.

If you need to know more about the teasers leading up to ‘Call me if you get lost, read this – Call me if you get lost, Tyle5r’s newest venture