The two-day festival packed a punch when it came to the line-up, artistes’ showmanship, food and overall ambience. Here’s a first-hand experience of what it felt like to be at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Bangalore, 2014

Right from when you find the funky guiding signs that assure your mission to the rather secluded venue after a potential navigation ordeal up until, the fest’s vibe begins instantly to take you over. A well-organised ticketing system with minimal crowding leads to the acquisition of your entry wristband, then a few steps later, you’re finally in. You investigate the map and the schedule to plot the path of your fancy to best experience all that the NH7 weekender has to offer.



Day 1

Time: 4pm. A quick tour seems the logical choice and you drift unconsciously to the left where you had spotted some activity through your peripherals. You spot the Zippo design stall, the Festival Sherpa photo booth that’s freshly set up, a flea market stands bold and flamboyant with the hippest of colours on some very hippie goodies. Some very intensive window-shopping begins as you plan out what you or your friends might really dig. Coasters, stash boxes, kitschy jewellery, witty tee’s, vinyl records, hats, shades, and a whole bunch of other collectables lay decorated on the two rows of stalls.



A rather quiet jam appears to be right around the corner behind the Ferris wheel as you reach the edge of the flea market. As you move onward, you catch the first glimpse of the MTS stage and the Dewarists stage standing grandly perpendicular to each other. One of the first acts, The News quickly wraps up their stage set up and the PA goes on – here we go! You groove to some progressive rock for a bit before you decide to check on the other stages. You follow your footsteps back to the point of entry and notice the Micromax Mega Stage currently inactive and a Mercedes Benz lounge by its entry.


Casually you let your eyes wander along the food and beverage stalls to figure out your future cravings. As you walk along the chotukool designing stall, the Koovs lounge and the Bacardi obstacle course, you spot the Red Bull Tour Bus with a super energetic duo belting some electro pop. Right opposite this is the massive Bacardi Arena stage getting set up.


Here is when time begins to speed up very rapidly. Houdini Dax’ power trio, Adi and Suhail with their modern fusion, Sickflip’s inaugural set on the electronica stage, Pangea owning progressive metal, Sean Roldan and his harmonious ensemble, Appleonia’s haunting melodies, The Supersonics groovy jams, Peking Duk’s super high energy performance, Bhayanak Maut dealing some serious head-banging tunes and finally Amit Trivedi with his brand of Bollywood music made sure day one went by faster than you’d have liked it.


With luck on your side, you leave day one with one incomplete painting and the rock version of ‘Emotional atyachar’ ringing in your head along with a whole bunch of other sticky melodies and fresh, malleable memories from the day that just was.


Day 2

Still reeling from the day that just went by, the new one begins with a small but pleasant switch up in the line-up due to unforeseen circumstances; Your Chin’s hypnotic electronica replaced Delhi Sultanate and Begum X’s set. The  second day also had some other pleasant surprises like Thermal & A Quarter debuting “almost a whole album live”, and some cool instrumentation with live looping with Mr.Woodnote& Lil Rhys. The Dualist Inquiry Band had the audience ogling and grooving with the musicians while Soulmate pulled many a heartstring with their blues prowess. The other acts that made the day happen were The Wooden Shield, The Inspector Cluzo, The Emerald Armada, Spud in the Box, Blent, Cloud Control, Sandunes, Bombay Bassment, Skrat, The F16’s, Klypp, EZ Riser vs. DJ MoCity.


Headliners Mutemath and John Hopkins had the audience torn making for a very difficult choice. Some people were seen frantically hopping between the two extraordinary performers in an effort to satisfy both their electronica and alternative appetites. Both performers mesmerised their audiences with brilliant music and stupendous stage presence. After the final sets, the masses gradually flowed out of the venue spending their remaining coupons and discussing their favourite moments and making plans for the next weekender! Good luck facing a Monday after a weekend that was so awesome.


If you were there, do share your stories and trophies in a comment below. Or if you weren’t, tell us what do you wish you had caught, or any ridiculous incident you heard from your friends or family.