Tom Swoon is taking the electronic dance music scene by storm; he recently placed number 46 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list of 2015 and is continually growing as a dj and artist. The Sherp sat with the bubbly and excited superstar moments before taking to Ultra Music Festival’s Revealed Recordings stage for his debut performance at the festival.

(Words by Jacqueline Gottlob, Images by Greg Bowser)


Thanks for meeting with us, Tom! We are really excited that you are here for the first time at Ultra Music Festival. Last year in 2015, you reached number 46 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list; how does that feel?

It’s crazy, and it still hasn’t sunken in. I didn’t expect to be that high, to be honest! I was viewing the results and I thought I’d reach like 80-90, and then, BAM, number 46! b. From that point my twitter just exploded with fans congratulating me. It is amazing to know that so many people around the world support you and listen to your music. Wherever I go, I see fans with signs and flags, people who know my songs by heart; it’s crazy.

Speaking of fans, have you had any interactions with fans that have been crazy or inspiring?

a. Yes! For example, in Japan, I saw people in the crowd with my tattoo drawn on their hands and arms; they literally took the time to draw it and they were showing it off to me all the time – it’s amazing!

You have been touring for a while now, and you’ve been all over the world! Where is your favourite place to perform?

I would say that Asia in general is one of my favourite places…oh wait, we’re in the US, I can’t say that!

You’ve played in India before; do you have plans on coming back?

Yes! I’ve been to Mumbai and New Delhi, I love those places, and the food is amazing. I should be back during the summer.

Now I’m going to rewind a little bit here. You started off as a “bedroom dj”; you played guitar, and were very inspired by rock music in your earlier years. How do you go from being a “bedroom dj” into an international superstar?

It was all about being consistent; I started as just a dj, and at a certain point when I learned all about mixing, how to read a crowd, etc, I realised it still wasn’t enough for me.

I started to learn how to produce music and eventually after two years, I was signed by Ultra Records and my music career just kicked off from that point.

Would you have any advice for current djs who are trying to break through?

To be patient, that’s for sure, and to really think outside of the box and think ahead. Try to be innovative, and most importantly, be yourself. That’s the best advice that I could give.

How do you maintain your originality given the fact that there are so many producers in industry now?

I don’t know, I’m just being me – there is no magic recipe to it; I am just doing my thing and being myself, and it’s all just happening!

Do you ever use guitar in your productions?

Yes, I use it multiple times, in my song Otherside, you can hear the guitar playing in the background. I love to use that organic element in my songs with the natural vibe of guitars, strings, or drums. I will definitely use more of that in future productions.

What is your preparation like in a large scale festival like Ultra versus a smaller club venue?

10 push ups, haha! Anyway, every set is different…I never play the same set. As far as preparation, I usually put key songs in a playlist, but I always tend to go outside of the list and improvise depending on what the crowd digs at the moment. Sometimes I am either preparing in the hotel or in the car on my way to the club!

How do you prepare for Liftoff Radio each week, especially when you’re always traveling?

I check my promo emails constantly, because I get tons of emails, especially from young talents, who send their tracks. I basically pick tracks daily and add them to my “Liftoff” folder. Most of the time there is too much that I like so I need to cut half of it or move it to next week’s episode!


Do you have any upcoming collaborations or productions?

Yes…there is one coming out on Zouk next week with Quentin Mosimann called “I’m Leaving”. I have another coming up on Ultra Records that has a deep, groovy, summer vibe.

Anything else you want to share?

Follow me on Snapchat! @TomSwoon!

(Words by Jacqueline Gottlob, Images by Greg Bowser)