Could Seven Lions actually be Dubstep Jesus?

If you had one word to describe Seven Lions’ set at ABGT Mumbai, what would it be? Spectacular, awe-inspiring, relentless? All of the above? The Sherp can’t decide either, he’s too busy being awe-struck.

Here are a few pictures off the interwebz and of Sunday night’s gig that can help you consider this question: Can Seven Lions actually be the Dubstep Jesus? The beard, the mane….he sure looks it.

(Disclaimer: Kindly enjoy this article in good humour. It was written with the best of intentions and was meant to offend no one. The Sherp loves Seven Lions and Jesus. Peace.)

I am Seven Lions and let me resurrect…THE BASS




Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.Sevenlions-getwet2




Seven lions 4



Seven lions 9


Blaze into the Eternal Light…

SevenLions -get wet tour


seven lions 5


Preach x2



Thank you for that Seven Lions. You were truly spectacular!