The three mobs for this year’s mob vote 2021 have been revealed, and this time around the devs have done a great job. The mobs are way better than last year’s mob vote. All the mobs revealed this year have some cool new mechanics to them and they also look adorable! This only makes voting for a single mob harder. if it were to me, I’d add all three of them!

Mob Vote 2021

We’ll go through each mob and why you should vote for it, and then you decide which one is the best!

The Glare

The glare will search for dark spots in your vicinity and go there and do a grumpy look. This is useful for finding out dark spots, but then again you can find out dark spots just by looking.

The Allay

The allay is next up in the mob vote 2021, it will pick up items similar to the one that you gave it and also dance to the music. The allay can’t go through chests, but it can pick all the items that are on the ground. So if you’re mining a lot and all the stones is left on the ground, the allay can pick it up!

The copper golem

The copper Golem will randomly press copper buttons. The copper golem is unlike anything in Minecraft, it is a craftable pet and will oxidize and turn into a statue over time. The use cases for the golem are limited, pressing random buttons can already be done by making Redstone clocks! But then again, imagine having a copper golem as a pet!

Surely the devs made this year’s mob vote harder than last year, so make sure to vote for the best one!

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