Hoodchella owner talks tough against Coachella’s attempts to get the festival cancelled.

Remember the Coachella v. Hoodchella $100 million lawsuit? (Read More HERE) Well the fight continues with Hoodchella refusing to back down from a court battle initiated by Coachella regarding branding issues.

The lawsuit claims that Hoodchella is in violation of their copyright for the use of the ‘chella in it’s name. On the other hand, Hoodchella CEO Kamil Al-Ahdali told TMZ that he’s not even thinking that canceling the event is an option. According to him, Hoodchella is a registered LLC and the trademark fairly and squarely belongs to him. Kamil claims he is being put through this ordeal because they’re the little guys but his lawyers are “not going to let Coachella punk Hoodchella at all.”

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The difference between the sizes of the festivals are of course enormous with Hoodchella being only a year old fledgling and Coachella being one of the most recognizable festivals featuring some of the top acts in the world. What remains to be seen now is who the court rules in favour of; the giant or the ant.

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