We can’t control our excitement!  

Nostalgia, childhood memories and bloody awesome artistry! Evanescence is back with an all- new album and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

If you’re a late 80’s or early 90’s kid who grew up listening to Bring Me To Life, Going Under, Wake Me Up Inside and My Immortal; you would recognize the gothic rock geniuses that are Evanescance. Not to forget, their intense and powerful music videos that were too compelling to turn your eyes away from!

Lead by a rocker chick on lead vocals, not many artist have the sheer vocal capacity to keep up with the power of heavy instruments the way Amy Lee does! Active since 1995, the band which was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, revolutionized the rock music scene, driving their sound into mainstream circles like no other! The band continued to dominate the early 2000’s with the beautiful self exploration track that is Lithium”. They went on to create Call Me When You’re Sober”, bringing a new angle to their sound, backed up with a seductively sensual music video that perfectly blended with Amy’s vocals.

Credits: vodkaenicotina.wordpress.com

Now, they’re back with their new album and man are we stoked!

Check out Amy Lee’s video, announcing the new album: SYNTHESIS, below:

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