While the desire to be a part of the increasingly popular festival culture rings true, lines are often crossed to make it happen. One 24-year old learnt it the hard way.

The man, Lance William Shiels, was caught smuggling pills into a music festival in Sydney, Australia, which he claims to have done for a festival ticket. At the 2014 edition of Sydney’s popular Stereosonic Music Festival, Shiels smuggled in 53 pills in his underpants for ten of his friends attending the festival. In return, he was to receive a festival ticket and a few of the tablets.

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After being caught, the youngster has now been sentenced to  serve minimum seven months in jail, despite his pleas that he was merely carrying the pills for his friends. Judge Andrew Scotting, responsible for the hearing, has said in no uncertain terms that drug culture at music festival needs to be combatted –

The supply of drugs to young people at music festivals must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. It is hard to assess the true involvement of the offender.

While Shiels is expected to be rehabilitated, this case comes on the heels of a growing number of drug related offences and deaths at music festivals, especially at Stereosonic, where over 120 people were arrested with drugs just last year.