Weary of pretentious Indian metal and rock festivals? Look no further! BOA is here!


The Indian edition of the distinguished German-based Wacken Open Air festival is back in Bangalore for the second time. The German edition has been successfully reaching out to thousands of heavy metal lovers for the past 22 years.

The heavy metal scene in India is evolving rapidly over the years. India was the 27th country to participate in the W:O:A Metal Battle.

This year’s line-up includes heavy metal bands all the way from Norway, Germany, U.S. and Sweden. Watch out for some of the best acts by Sodom, Ihsahn, Animals As Leaders, Leprous, Dark Tranquility, Iced Earth, and also Mumbai-based extreme metal band Demonic Resurrection as well as Bangalore heavy metal veterans Millennium!

The festival commences with elimination rounds for contestants, with the main event, Bangalore Open Air, being held on the 6th of July.

Here are the details of the events leading up to the final day:

Venues and Dates

June 16th 2013, East Zone Eliminations (Guwahati) – DMD Pub
June 22nd 2013, South Zone Eliminations (Bangalore) – No Limmits Pub,
June 30th 2013, West Zone Eliminations (Thane/Mumbai) – United 21 Pub

July 5th 2013, Bangalore – Ion Bar & Restaurant

July 6th 2013, WMB India Finals – Jeff Hanneman Stage, Bangalore Open Air 2013

Grand Finale
31st July 2013, International Finals – Wet Stage, Wacken Open Air 2013