Music is a universal language. It is so strangely beautiful how a well-made track can take you far across into the corners of a galaxy. That said, if you are a creative professional in this field, chances are that you have a Spotify page and are now seeking engagement through more Spotify plays. 

But let’s face it. Going viral is not possible through an interesting podcast or ethereal track alone. Social media marketing and management is an art that all creative professionals require. Even if you buy Spotify plays, they will only last so long, and the cost will quickly add up if you take the easy way out. Instead, we have compiled the ultimate guide in this article. These five steps will help you gain traction and receive engagement quickly and efficiently. Let us dive in.

1. Polish your username and URL

It is not all about aesthetics. But it is a lot about aesthetics. There are two major reasons you want to create a unique, interesting, and professional username and profile URL. The first of these I just mentioned and the second one is Search Engine Optimization.

Fans who come across your music in concerts or on platforms not directly linked to Spotify have just one way of finding you again: an internet search. If you have created a profile but your username does not match your stage name, they will not be able to find you and you will lose precious potential followers. The same goes for your username. Thus, always pick a username that fully represents your brand and is easy to remember and find.

And like we just said: aesthetics matter. If someone visits your channel and sees a boring or unprofessional username, he will not consider you a seasoned musician. This will cause PR disasters in the long run.

2. No such thing as bad publicity?

This idea is controversial. Some people dislike bad publicity. But you need good publicity, nonetheless. For that, you need to ensure that you publicize your channels and always share each track you upload to your other social media platforms.

Speaking of which, if you have not linked your channels across different websites to your Spotify account, stop and do it right now. Spotify is a unique platform that caters to a particular subset of internet users. Your visibility will reduce greatly if you do not link your account and publicize it everywhere possible.

We also recommend creating a website or a blog so that fans can keep up with your music-making journey. 

3. Engage them all

Spotify allows you to leave comments on the waveform that sits beside the “play” button. Use this feature well. Leave a few insightful comments on your tracks for fans to understand how and why you made a certain choice. You can also use it as a feedback system by saying something like: “Not certain about the drums here. What do you guys think?” These comments will make your audience feel valued and increase your engagement on Spotify.  

This does not end here. Collaborate with other artists and help them gain traction. Do good and you shall receive good. If you help out a fellow creator increase his reach, they will do the same for you. Go ahead, play their tracks, and leave a few interesting and engaging comments there. Don’t just ask them to visit your channel. That is off-putting. Instead, let the world gravitate towards you based on how engaging or interesting your comments are.

4. Be Consistent

All social media algorithms favor artists who are regular on their channels. Therefore, try to stick to a schedule. Mixing and matching tracks, singing, etc. are difficult tasks and you cannot post something every day. 

But if your uploads are scattered across months, your ranking will fall sharply.

5. Find influencers

You cannot cover this journey alone. Your reach on Spotify will saturate if you try to do that. Instead, reach out to influencers and artists across other channels. For example, you can offer royalty-free music to YouTube content creators or podcasters. In return, you can ask for a link back to your channel and social media accounts. Not only does this help those artists get good-quality music for their content, but it directs traffic towards your channel as well. Thus, this is a win-win scenario for you both.

Do note that if influencers dislike your music or you push them into a situation where your relations are strained, then they can have negative comments about your music which can hurt your career. Thus, be careful and stay safe.

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Spotify can give you the boost you need to launch a musical career. It is a versatile, powerful, and cleverly designed platform that can connect you to fans and professionals alike. No other social media channel does that and therefore, you must use it to the best of its abilities.

If you have more tips and tricks, we would love to hear them. Share with us in the comments below.